Tuesday 14 August 2012


- Download Usenet files directly to your iOS device
- Can run in background and vibrate (iPhone only) when done
- Extract rar files
- View iOS supported files directly in app, for other files it will look for an installed app
- For par files, it will launch par2GUI, if it is installed, to verify/repair files
- SSL support
- Partially downloaded files will be resumed

- Use Mobile Safari to download an nzb file from a website e.g. binsearch.info, nzbindex.nl
- Click on the "Open in PhoneNZB" button to launch app
- Use the Edit button to change the download order or remove unwanted items
- Press Play to begin downloading (you'll be asked to input your Usenet server settings if you haven't before)
- Or simply tap on a file to download a single file

- To transfer files off device, you can use iExplorer, it's free and wired so it's fast.
  Otherwise use a file management app such as iFile.

  Files are in /var/mobile/Library/PhoneNZB/Downloads
  Edit: Mac iExplorer doesn't like symlinks, so look here instead:

- Check storage free space before downloading or rar extracting
- Setting connections to greater than 10 is untested

- A Usenet account
- iOS 5.0 or greater

Questions, comments, bug reports: PhoneNZB@gmail.com